About Us


Transparency. Excellence. Customization. Objectivity.

We are committed to seek continued improvement of social relations and to unwavered protection of our clients’ interests, and our goal is to provide the highest level of legal solutions.

We focus on expediting client-Justice and client-attorney relations and are ready to deal with cases that range from the most simple issues to complex structured transactions.
And we do so based on a primordial principle of transparence, honesty and loyalty toward all stakeholders; we work very hard to deliver humane and sensitive solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

From its inception, in 2013, Vainer & Villela Advogados, a firm stemming from a partnership between Bruno Zilberman Vainer, Esq. and Luiz Fernando Villela Nogueira, Esq. has been providing legal assistance to institution Casa Hunter and institutional support to non-profit organizations Centro Novo Horizonte and Espaço K.


Vainer & Villela Advogados’s team members, some with faculty practice and all holding post-graduate degrees from the most prestigious universities in the country, are permanently updating their legal skills to keep-up with the firm’s high professional level both in consulting services and litigation.

Vainer & Villela Advogados also relies on a wide network of correpondents and fellow-firms in Brazil and abroad, and keeps contacts in all of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Member-States to assure that our clients’ interests will be protected on any nation.